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The Goblet / Ward 29 / Plot 13 / Basement
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Extra Stuffed Carbuncle1,000 GilFat Cat Bank45,000 Gil
Fat Cat Sofa30,000 GilHuggable Gaelicat75,000 Gil
Little Chef's Playset1,000 GilMajor General Cushion10,000 Gil
Mandragora Chronometer60,000 GilMogseat90,000 Gil
Moogle Table95,000 GilPaissa Chronometer2,000 Gil
Plush Pile20,000 GilStuffed Ahriman85,000 Gil
Stuffed Alpha1,000 GilStuffed Ananta12,000 Gil
Stuffed Androids1,000 GilStuffed Bear500,000 Gil
Stuffed Bom Boko1,000 GilStuffed Brina3,500 Gil
Stuffed Cait Sith95,000 GilStuffed Calca3,500 Gil
Stuffed Carbuncle2,000 GilStuffed Chocobo25,000 Gil
Stuffed Estinien75,000 GilStuffed Fuath2,000 Gil
Stuffed Hraesvelgr180,000 GilStuffed Kojin35,000 Gil
Stuffed Moogle25,000 GilStuffed Peerifool1,000 Gil
Stuffed Tsukuyomi145,000 GilToy Showcase4,000 Gil

About us

Welcome to Eben's Toy Kingdom!
Looking for stuffed toys?
We got you covered!
We have something for everyone! Whether you want to hang out in the shop, grab a snack, browse the toys or just come say hi to Eben!
Hope to see you there!
We also offer custom orders, so please feel free to make any requests in store or the Discord!